One Good Cookie!

Momma Holland’s Morsels evolved from way back when Holland would make cookies for her kids’ school theatre concession sales, piano and voice recitals, school sports events, and holidays with family and friends. Everyone in the area started asking for Holland’s cookies. As a single mother, Holland made as much as she could to help the community and give to those requests but she was always working several jobs. As a successful fine artist and graphic designer by trade, Holland saw the cookies as just another venture to add to her endeavors!

It wasn’t until her children went away to college that Holland turned her passion into a bigger cookie! Over the years, she perfected her own recipe and made several varieties which continues to grow. Holland continues to work on her variations. She plans to launch a KETO-friendly and also a GLUTEN-FREE Chocolate Chip cookie in future months. For now, Holland hopes you will find a morsel that suits your taste and hope you enjoy these scrumptious gourmet cookies!

~ Cheers, Holland

Because one good cookie makes the world a little sweeter!